the Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot is making a big comeback with new features … it’s going fast!

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Published in para Quentin VIALLE on May 31, 2022 at 10:29 p.m.

The multifunctional robot Mr. Smart Kitchen is about to make a big comeback at Lidl. A model accompanied by new features and an always unbeatable price. We give you all the details below!

Lidl: return of the robot Mr. Smart Kitchen

It had caused general hysteria in all Lidl stores in France, on Mr. Smart Kitchen will make his big comeback in the sign from June 6. A new generation should be welcomed in open arms for all kitchen lovers, after which the multifunctional robot will allow you to make delicious receptions in record time. As usual, it will be necessary to hurry to get one …

Quite similar to his elder, the new Mr. Smart Kitchen is all the same equipped with new features. It has a larger and more responsive screen effect, but also a new ergonomic handle that makes it easier to use a main element. In parallel, new features have been added via the user interface. You can create course lists or suggest more personalized receptions, which makes it much easier to use. Finally, new programs have been set up, as the Thermomix competitor can ferment, cook eggs or cook under vacuum.

Lidl: return of Mr. Smart Kitchen at an unbeatable price


What price for this must-have device?

If Lidl always makes a point of offering unbeatable prices to its customers, the return of the Mr. Smart Kitchen did not deviate from the rule. In fact, it will be available at prices 429 euros. As for the holders of the brand’s loyalty card, they can even benefit from a 30 euro discount. Hard to resist, isn’t it?

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