the Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot returns on June 6 with a 30 euro discount!

Make a note of the appointment. On June 6th, the latest model of Silvercrest food processor robot, Mr. Smart Kitchen, is making a big comeback in Lidl stores! With, as a bonus, a discount of 30 euros!

Mr. Smart Kitchen is making a big comeback at Lidl! Credit: Lidl

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Again, it will be first come, first served. With every launch (or resale) of flagship products at Lidl, seats are expensive! Especially on food processors. And for those who will have gone hungry last December on the occasion of the first release of Monsieur Cuisine Smart, the new edition of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot, now is the time to take revenge. The latest addition to the Silvercrest robot family (a brand owned by the Lidl brand) is making its big return to the store on June 6th! And because Lidl is the leader in hard discounts for a good reason, you could benefit from a 30 euro discount!

Mr. Cuisine Smart, Lidl’s flagship robot is coming back!

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot by Silvercrest has many features. Credit: Lidl

Launched for the first time in six months, the Monsieur Cuisine Smart Silvercrest robot has many new features compared to other models of the brand. In its 4.5 L stainless steel bowl, it is capable of so many things! Steam, slice, fry, grind, stir, cook, knead, emulsify, chop, mix, puree but also heat water, cook eggs, vacuum or make smoothies, it is incessantly! It is also the first robot in the range to ferment food.

New design, new wider screen, new more powerful engine. Le Monsieur Cuisine Smart by Lidl, there is no doubt that the robot had in the kitchen, and the price of the car is unbeatable compared to its competitors in the market. And if you missed your chance to get it, it will be back on June 6 in some 1550 Lidl supermarkets all over France!

Perfect for preparing for summer and making summer and gourmet recipes, don’t miss this golden opportunity!

30 euro discount for the return of Monsieur Cuisine Smart chez Lidl

On the occasion of the resale, benefit from a 30 euro discount on Mr. Cuisine Smart! Credit: Lidl

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot will be back on June 6, only in store! The latest model of Silvercrest will be displayed at a price of 429 €. But rest assured, Lidl has thought of you and is offering you a 30 euro discount on this appliance! How do you ask? Easy to book Lidl Plus. And yes, nothing complicated to equip you with a quality robot for € 399. We say thank you Lidl!

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