The payment of ransom does not frighten Dattak

Dattak, which has just raised 7M euros, is entering the cyber insurance market, including the payment of ransoms. At the table tour of the insurtech we find for example Matthieu Bébéar (SPVie Assurances).

Despite a tense context, the cyber market is attracting. Less than 6 months after its launch, insurtech Dattak is announcing a € 7M fundraiser. Made with private equity funds XAnge and several business angels, not Matthieu Bébéar (CEO of SPVie Assurances), the young pousse want to accompany TPE and SMEs with cyber risk.

Payment of ransoms included

Within the insurance product, Dattak includes ransom coverage. « It is an important expectation of SMEs being done that the name of attacks by ransomware to explode these last yearsexplains Benoit Grouchko, CEO and co-founder of Dattak. But, we pay the ransom only as a last resort ».

To this end, the startup supports a cybersecurity technology that allows the assessment and reduction of risks encouraged for businesses. An alert system has also been made available to customers when vulnerabilities are detected. « It is better to solve the security problems at the source, in order to ensure the sustainability of the resumption of business activity. Especially since the company is well covered during this time because we are compensating for the loss of operations Adds the co-founder.

Wakam as a risk taker

Accompanied by insurer Wakam, which is positioning itself as a risk taker, Dattak relies on a model of indirect distribution via brokers. « The technology developed by Dattak allows courtiers to obtain a project in a single moment, with a 100% digital description course Can be read in a statement.

Thanks to its fundraising, the young company aims to become ” the leader in cyber insurance in Europe And plans, in particular, to hire 10 news recruits for positions of salesmen, engineers and subscribers. It will follow in the footsteps of wholesale broker Stoik, who has entered the recent cyber insurance market.

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