the pitfalls of travel insurance

Purchasing power: the pitfalls of travel insurance

In the face of inflation and purchasing power problems, a study (see boxes below) reveals how much the French can recover more money from their insurers: the loot would even amount to billions of euros … La nébuleuse des «assurances voyages» is especially in collimator.

The APCR, the gendarme of banks and insurance companies, was quick to react to these abuses: it has just announced its intention to reduce the compensation period to 2 months (see article). As for the legislature, it has also just severely framed abusive telephone solicitation in this area (see article).

In this context, here are four practical recommendations from experts to help consumers recover (legally) money from their insurer, without necessarily having to change it.

1 / Track down duplicates

79% des Français say that it is not very good to know the guarantees covered and their exclusions from insurance contracts.

52% of French people do not go through the reflex of systematically checking their existing coverage before taking out supplementary insurance.

First economy post: many French people pay for duplicate insurance. The Lyanne startup offers a free online tool for analyzing its many insurance contracts and detecting duplicates. In the tourism sector, it is not uncommon to see redundancies between the guarantees of optional insurance and those already included with a bank card.

2 / Detects the “hole in the racket”

On-line diagnosis is also for ill-covered risks. Racket holes can cost a lot on arrival.

In travel cancellation insurance, for example, the warranty conditions can be so strict that they are almost never applicable in practice.

46% of French people who have ever had a claim found out too late that they were not covered by their insurance when they thought they were …

3 / On holiday, think “insurance”, even for small claims

The breakdown of rental equipment, the loss of a key with the intervention of a locksmith on return or the total cancellation of the trip … so many worries or unforeseen holidays for which many in France do not have past “reflex insurance”.

56% of French people do not have the reflex to call on their insurer for small claims on a daily basis.

4 / Do not give up anything to recover your compensation

The last pact that escapes the French too often: fair compensation. Overwhelmed by the complexity of contracts and procedures, many too often abandon their claims.

36% of French people who had a disaster initiated claims without going to the end of the proceedings.

45% of French people who have had a claim do not know the possible remedies in case of disagreement with their insurer.

Summarized differently (at the top of the state), the study shows that the French can recover “a penny of madness” if they “shit to the end” the recalcitrant insurers! She! Many French people have allowed the 2-year deadline to pass to be compensated for the cancellations of their trip caused by the Covid!

In this jungle of assurances and face aux injustices, the startup Lyanne is waiting for its mission to come to the aid of consumers. It mainly takes steps to recover just indemnities while being remunerated for the results.

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