the presence of blue stickers on homes sows trouble among homeowners

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK has seen a resurgence of dog theft, especially breed theft. A new practice could be observed by several inhabitants of the country Merseyside and the port city of Birkenheadpossessing canids.

Blue pills have been pasted on their homes, the British daily reports The mirror in an article published on November 17, 2021. This discovery has caused concern among owners, who believe they are the targets of pet thieves.

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A color depending on the sex of the animal?

For some people, the color corresponds to the sex of the canine. Thus, blue would refer to male individuals, estimated the mistress of 2 hairballs, one of which ” worth a lot of money ».

This last explained to our colleagues from across the English Channel that she fortunately owned ” a dog that would not let anyone approach the door ». Despite her presence, fear settled in perfectly and clung firmly to her. « Who says he wouldn’t be poisoned or something? The Englishwoman feared.

Ilustrație a artikului: Dog theft: the presence of blue stickers on houses sows trouble among owners

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Some recommendations

In his article, the The mirror recommend dog owners to prefer leash holding during walks and to check fences, as well as access to their homes.

Finally, the editorial team recalled the importance of the electronic chip, which allows the identification of the animal and the true owner’s son. Chipping your pet and updating the information is essential.

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