The proportion of Americans without health insurance is now at 8%, son plus bas niveau

The proportion of people who do not have health insurance in the United States reached a new low in 2022, at 8% of the population, the government of Joe Biden congratulated on Tuesday, August 2. The rate of the uninsured began to rise after the enactment in 2014 of the Affordable Care Act, an ambitious health insurance reform known as Obamacare, the flagship law. by Barack Obama.

Between 2018 and 2019, la curve des non-assurés had nevertheless experienced a rebound, before baisser à nouveau. have total, “5.2 million people have gained coverage since 2020, which coincides with the start of the Biden-Harris administration in January 2021”, highlighted the Ministère de la Santé, in a statement. This figure includes 4.1 million adults and 1 million children, according to the report on the government’s support, carried out in a household survey each year.

However, approximately 26 million people remain without health coverage at this time in payments. “Personne should not have peur de ne pas pouvoir payer son médecin, or avoir à electe entre payer son loyer et aller chercher ses médicaments”said in a statement by the Democratic president. “Today, nous sommes plus proches que jamais d’arriver à faire de ce principe une réalité”.

An estimate of recent progress was in particular improvements in the contents of the American Rescue Plan, the emergency aid plan adopted at the beginning of the mandate, which contains measures that facilitate access to health insurance through des subventions aidant les familles à payer leur couverture médicale. “Pretty cool, huh, Barack Obama?”tweeted Joe Biden on Tuesday en se félicitant de la nouvelle. “Absolutely, Joe”l’ancien président démocrate replied to him, toujours on Twitter.

Les deux hommes ont plaidé pour l’adoption au Congrès de l'”Inflation Reduction Act”, an important law for a large part of own energy and the climate, but also containing measures to guarantee subsidies granted for medical coverage and flour. baisser les prix des medications.

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