The prostate, its chic underwear and shocks

The prostate, we don’t see it, we don’t feel it, so what’s the use of this gland that is part of the male reproductive system? Why, often after 50 years, can it be a problem? Are there any risky behaviors? So the prostate always keeps mysteries, in part you discover them in our weekly podcast Everything Sexplique with Professor Georges Fournier, urologist surgeon, president of the French Association of Urology (AFU). This association launched the “Je roule contre le cancer de prostate” awareness campaign against prostate cancer. This will end with the ascent of Mount Ventoux (Vaucluse), by bike, on September 17, 2022. Participants will be patients and doctors, guided by former champion Bernard Hinault.

How does the prostate remain mysterious?

In this episode, the doctor begins by defining the prostate, the situation, explaining the function, before listing any sources. Prostate adenoma results in enlarged prostate. “It’s a mysterious disease, though very common.” It will affect 90% of men as they get older. (…) We don’t know the cause, even if we have some clues “, underlines the urology. “Over time, the prostate adenoma will lead to urinary symptoms, difficulty bladder evacuation, often getting up at night or during the day, with very urge to urinate.” This disease is perfectly benign and never degenerates, ”recalls Georges Fournier.

As for prostate cancer, “it mainly affects men in their second part of life,” says the doctor, although there are younger cases. Very common cancer, with 50,000 new cases a year, leads to “8,100 deaths a year, which is huge,” said the urologist. One in seven or even eight prostates will be affected by this disease.

A screening with a simple blood prize

“It is cured quite well when taken at the right time,” added Georges Fournier, before recalling that the importance of screening, by a simple blood test prescribed by a doctor, to assess the level of prostate antigen “PSA”.

Scientific research is still underway to understand why some populations are more affected than others by this disease. Why do people in Asia have fewer prostate cancers? Why is northern Europe more affected than southern europe?

“The prostate must be forgotten before the age of 50”

Georges Fournier finally mentions prostatitis, the symptoms of which usually translate into “burning urine, chills like the flu, 40 ° fever, and disturbed urine.” You go to the doctor who will do some tests, prescribe antibiotics, and it will be back to normal. »

Are there any risky behaviors? Would certain sexual practices be bad for the prostate? “The prostate must be forgotten before the age of 50. (…) Let’s live young, quiet, ”advises Professor Georges Fournier. The interview suite with Professor Georges Fournier is to listen for free in the audio lecteur above.

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