the Reds still slowed down at the break and in great danger for the title!

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Liverpool is still free. After an unbeaten match at Anfield face Tottenham at the weekend, Jürgen Klopp’s men are a new meeting at Aston Villa, with a retained team. Steven Gerrard opened the scoring in the 3rd minute of the game through Douglas Luiz, after a thunderous debut.

Dans la foulée, les Reds scores from Joël Matip in the corner (4th). Liverpool were then thought to be in a good position to take the lead in the match. Eventually, the latter suffer in the face of the villains’ aggression. To make matters worse, Fabinho had to give way to Jordan Henderson after being blessed on the thigh. Bad luck with the big deadlines that await the Reds.

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Liverpool sat on the lawn of Aston Villa to face their 33rd day in the Premier League. Jürgen Klopp’s men must put pressure on Manchester City during the title.

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