“The reputation of the Cuisines Venidom brand, we help the rules to gain the trust of customers”, Laurent Pallard, new franchisee Cuisines Venidom in Brittany

L’enseigne Cuisines Venidom continues to accelerate franchise development with the arrival in the network of Laurent Pallard, who represents the home kitchen brand with a truck-workshop in the whole of Brittany.


Become a cook, without having to bear the burdens of a store, thanks to the 1st concept of kitchen truck-truck! With Venidom Kitchens, join the 1st home kitchen sales network.

You become a kitchen designer / agent directly at your clients’ homes with a mobile exhibition thanks to the mobile showroom!

A francisé aguerri meets with Cuisines Venidom

Self-taught, Laurent Pallard is not up to the task of joining the franchise of home cooks. Indeed, before become franchised Venidom Kitchenshe had been a Répar’Stores franchisee since 2016. However, following an accident that resulted in a broken foot, he had to change direction.

That’s how he chose to to become the brand’s first mobile chef in Brittany to cross the roads with his truck-workshop, from Guidel to Quimperlé to Lorient, Larmor-Plage, Gâvres, Lanester, Hennebont or Plouhinec.

«Thanks to Venidom Kitchens, it benefits from suppliers and producers of selected rigor»

After convincing the brand’s founder with his experience in sales, customer relations and franchising, Laurent Pallard followed suit. initial training of 6 weeks last March and April and a began its activity last May 16.

«Thanks to Cuisines Venidom, it benefits from rigorously selected suppliers and producers, can be a collaborator and exchanger with project colleagues, and especially in the reputation of the Cuisine Venidom brand. It’s a trendy, time-honored concept with an eco-friendly concept since customers don’t have to travel to a store. With Cuisines Venidom, I propose to the client a key project mainly. The fact that I am the only interlocutor has a reassuring aspect for individuals. “he testified.

And if you want too become a mobile cook with a recognized notification, which allows you to gain the trust of customers and benefit from an accompaniment, meeting on the Kitchen Venidom franchise card for more.

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