The Ricochets in the kitchen seduced

Kitchen skewers , the latest creation of the Ricochets, was presented last Sunday at the party hall. Laughter, smiles… The audience appreciated the work of the actors in the theater workshop of the sociocultural center.

“After months of silence, it’s a great pleasure to be back together to have a good time together,” said Pauline Perez, president of the Les Platanes sociocultural center, before giving way to the game. Pari tenu.

The Ricochets (seven adults and five teenagers), directed by professional actress Marie-Julie Lemercier, performed a dozen skits with enthusiasm, for almost an hour and a half. Months of rehearsals rewarded by the laughter and smiles of theater lovers (eighty people in the room).

Monologues, skits played in twos, threes or more in succession, on the theme of daily life: couples quarrels, blackmail, jealousy… All the obstacles, young and old, of the human well served by the troupe și in special highlighted in the graphic decor of a kitchen, designed by one of the members, Anne. Love and humor were good at the rendezvous.

Workshop. The theater workshop of the sociocultural center, led by a professional and intended for all, deals with different theatrical techniques, from September to June: improvisation, work on the text… Outcome: a new creation every year, intended (for those who wish) to be played in front of the audience. More information at


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