the switch from RAMED to AMO in July

The transition from the RAMED system to the compulsory health insurance (AMO) will be effective from the beginning of July 2022 with an offer of care equivalent to that of employees in the private sector. This was revealed by the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Khalid Aït Taleb, in a written reply to the reasons for the malfunctioning of the health care system for the economically deprived. He explained that the database of RAMED beneficiaries will be transferred from the National Health Insurance Agency (ANAM) to the Caisse nationale de sécurité sanitaire (CNSS) in charge of managing the AMO.

The Minister also points out that the ANAM has launched a new service to simplify and improve access to healthcare and benefit Ramed beneficiaries, who have not received books and do not need health care. prize in charge. The service consists in offering the possibility to the university hospital centers (CHU) and to the public hospitals to access data related to the state of progress of the RAMED book treatment through the platform

The Minister also recalled the importance of the Unified National Register as an effective means of targeting families receiving social programs, including health care. This register, he notes, is based on the notation of families according to their socio-economic data, which will allow the state to consolidate its social support to the required categories.


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