The uncompromising German police with this Ferrari owner did not pay his insurance

When driving a yellow Ferrari F8 Tributo, you are not going to lie, there is always a little more chance of being checked by the police. Often for speeding or even sometimes because law enforcement wants to closely admire the car and see if the situation of its owner is in order.

And this has been the case here since German police arrested this driver because of his insurance. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

In response, the insurance company invalidated the registration of its Italian car. Police logically prevented him from returning to the road, forcing the owner to call a tow truck to take the Ferrari home. Convenience store that he paid out of pocket because he no longer had proper insurance.

he did not agree

On social media, the German police told this really unusual story. And the least we can say is that naked netizens didn’t really support him. On the contrary, they even allowed themselves to say: “Can he afford a € 300,000 Ferrari, but can’t pay for his insurance?” Surprising effectiveness.

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