The United States warns of difficulties in repeating symptoms and calling for vigilance

Call for vigilance. In the United States, health authorities are pushing for a smallpox outbreak when the number of cases has doubled in a week in the country. A figure that remains low (45), but a dynamic to be stopped as soon as possible. What worries doctors the most is the difficulty in identifying symptoms and associating them with the disease.

“We have seen mild cases of monkeypox, sometimes limited to certain parts of the body, which is different from what is commonly seen in countries where the disease is endemic,” said Rochelle Walensky, director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “There is concern that some cases will not be detected,” she said, urging the public and health professionals to be vigilant.

Similarities with herpes

Current cases do not always show the flu symptoms (fever…) that usually precede the appearance of rashes features of this disease. In addition, when rashes generally occur in all bodies, they are in many cases currently limited in certain areas.

“It is important to know that cases of smallpox can be similar to certain sexually transmitted infections, such as herpes,” and can therefore be misdiagnosed, “said Rochelle Walensky. The mode of transmission is also the same for most STIs, requiring close and prolonged contact between two people.

The United States is betting, in particular, on vaccinating contact cases to stem the epidemic. Le Pays has 100 million doses of ACAM2000, but is in the process of delivering doses of another more modern vaccine, Jynneos. At the end of May, the United States had only 1,000 doses of this second remedy, up from 72,000 today, Dawn O’Connell of the U.S. Department of Health said Friday. An additional 300,000 doses should arrive in the next few weeks, and added.

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