These 5 foods are effective against water retention

In case of water retention, abnormal accumulation of water in the tissues causing swelling of one or several parts of the body, certain foods are to be preferred. Here are the most effective to relieve this phenomenon, which tends to worsen with heat.

The red beet

You can also bet on red beets. It has a strong diuretic power. In other words, this root vegetable promotes the secretion of urine and helps eliminate excess water in the body.


In the vegetable department, there is also celery. Very low in calories, it promotes drainage, thus improving water retention problems. You can eat it in a salad, or eat it as a juice.

The melon

To prevent and limit swelling, there is no such thing as a melon. In the summer, you can consume it in moderation. Potassium, as well as the calcium that fruits contain, helps reduce symptoms.

The tomatoes

To cope with this discomfort, feel free to eat tomato. They stimulate the elimination of toxins, prevent stagnant water in the tissues and promote the regulation of sodium.


Finally, think of parsley. A source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this potagère aromatique is an ally. You can mix in tomato juice, or well prepare parsley-based infusions.

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