These cube broths want to hurt you! Here are the reasons to stop buying

Cubic broths can be seen everywhere today so much so that it is difficult to miss them when shopping. These little aromatic cubes are so effective and so affordable that many of us do not hesitate to use them daily in the preparations for successful seasoning. However, even these little spices have the power to enhance the taste of any dish lacking flavors and therefore deserve their place in our kitchens, nu noi are not very beneficial. According to experts, they would even be a real danger to our health.

Often ingredients and a composition can be harmful and dangerous to health

A consumer study of about 30 food cube references showed that cubic broths are said to contain harmful substances. Moreover, according to this survey, the composition of aromatic products could also be dangerous to our health.

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The fact is that in addition to having a very high sugar and salt content, small cubes also contain powerful allergens. Used daily, they are real enemies for weight loss and even promote weight gain in many cases. In addition, so that their use leads to excessive salt consumption, it is very likely that these small broths would favor the appearance or aggravation of certain diseases, such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases (stroke and others) etc. hypertension.

“Chinese Restaurant Syndrome”

Cubic broths being highly loaded with additives (colorants, thickeners, flavor enhancers, etc.), their consumption can cause “Chinese restaurant syndrome”. This disorder, which as its name suggests is very common in people who have just had a meal in an Asian establishment, is manifested by many. symptom (nausea, shortness of breath, vomiting, stomach cramps, allergic reactions, headache, etc.).

It is mainly the monosodium glutamate (e621) in food that causes the problem. This substance is easily recognizable on product labels by certain specific names, such as E620 or E625. Sodium glutamate is now widely used in the manufacture of small aromatic cubes, especially in the production of vegetarian versions. Broths with more than 0.6 g of salt per 100 ml and a low percentage of vegetables are absolutely to avoidfor this means that the exhausteurs de goût intervene in large quantities in their composition.

Unhealthy packaging

In addition to their content, which poses a real health risk, the packaging of aromatic cubes is also very harmful. The fact is that they present one quite large amount of MOAH (alkyl monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). According to the recommendations of the European Commission, these substances are considered to be potentially carcinogenic and mutagenic. Of course, MOAHs don’t care about packaging. However, after the broths are preserved in the packages …

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