They chose a job that hires them. Luka, 18: “I love cooking”

Luke Alary at 18 years old. Originally from Grasse, he is currently studying at the Lycée des métiers du tourisme, de l’hôtellerie et de la restauration à vocation internationale Paul-Augier in Nice.

What is your journey?

I’m preparing for a bachelor’s degree in cooking at the Paul-Augier Hotel High School in Nice. So I’m in the terminal. Maybe later I will push to the “caterer” training, to further my training.

I’ve always loved cooking since I was a kid. My father has a hotel-restaurant in the Haut-Var when he has been with him for some time. It boosts me a lot. Even as part of my training. I always come back with a little more experience, a lesson, something I learned in the field and share with my high school classmates.

Why did you choose this?

Because that’s my passion! I was born in it and could have completely missed it. But no. I like cooking. I like to please people. I love the energy it provides and it still doubles mine. The one that is needed for quality work. I also like the pressure, the shots, work at a steady pace. And finally, I like rigor and demand. This business brings all this.

What are the qualities required to get there?

You have to be rigorous, careful. You have to love sharing, with colleagues and with customers. It’s important to be close-knit, to have a good team spirit. We are not alone in the kitchen or in a restaurant, in general. You have to have energy, too. The job can be tiring. We are very busy, sometimes difficult. Of course, if you’re passionate about it, it’s even easier.

The difficulties encountered

This idea of ​​time, for example. I see it with my father – since I’m not really in working life yet – there’s little room to do anything else. This job is very demanding. Many imagine that one has no life… one should not exaggerate either. My father has family and friends. He is very proud of my choice. I was really “brave.” Because it is needed.

I make great friends at the hotel school because the atmosphere is very special and we create strong connections. If our teachers believe it, these ties will last. And then, again, we get a lot of satisfaction out of those jobs.

The good surprises

This is the strength that the school and the group give us. I really feel like I’m being pushed ever further, ever higher. What’s great is that we are all passionate about what we do. With each return of the weekend, it is super content to meet to discuss this passion with each other.

With Covid, we weren’t lucky, we didn’t have the field experience that the others before us had. I’m lucky enough to shake hands with my father, so when I come back, I can’t wait to tell them. It’s a better adventure than I ever imagined. And then we are young but we are not worried: we do not question the meaning of what we are undertaking or the future. We know where we are going and we know there is demand. All the time. Everywhere. In France, abroad. It’s still huge!

In 10 years, where do you see?

I would like to have my own restaurant. Un seul, pour start… and after several, why not!

Do you want to become a cook?

From CAP to bac + 2, there are many trainings for access to the profession of cook. If the BTS hotel and restaurant business allows you to work as a first clerk or party leader, the CAP remains the basic entry diploma, and apprenticeship is the preferred path in the sector, according to the Onisep.

After 3e: The kitchen CAP

Bac level: Professional licensed kitchen. Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Catering Science and Technology (STHR). Professional degree in kitchen arts.

Bac + 2 level: BTS hotel management catering option B: culinary production unit management

The Alpes-Maritimes, Monaco and Var establishments: International High School of Tourism, Hospitality and Catering Trades Paul-Augier of Nice, vocational high school Auguste-Escoffier of Cagnes-sur-Mer, high school Technical and Hotel of Monaco, vocational high school Paul-Valéry of Menton, Faculty of Trades – Hotel School of Cannes, Anne-Sophie Pic High School Toulon hotel and tourism business

In a professional retraining: You can start a training course in the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var, via the sickly of the Nice Academy, with a duration that will depend on the achievements and experience of each person.

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