They have Baudelaire at the Burgundy Hotel, Anthony Denon’s seductive and subtle cuisine

GASTRONOMIC CRITICISM – Ingenious and skillful, the chef has shown that large hotel boards sometimes have surroundings.

The ambiance of hotel restaurants is often very embarrassing. We only go there because others get bored with you. The mimicry of the tables will never be said enough when they intersect in those places. Let the beautiful walls sound cold, they will bling. As they get older, they will carry the cane. Let them be seduced, they will be vamps.

In Burgundy, feelings are more delicate. Pocket palace, secret drawer, end of cavalry, Paris plays hide-and-seek with himself when the valet closes the door on the Madeleine district.

A seduction of the kitchen

In the spring as well as under the pretext of a new chef, one would not have expected anything better than a restrained chic, greasy plates and, in the hall as well as in the bedroom, a polite address not to be disturbed. As short as Bristol, the naked menu pays for itself with no words except that one meal, two cutlery and six dishes later, we can’t get over what happens.

So the three times of foie gras, fried in ravioli and duck broth, pop …

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