They hear noises under their garden shed: their hearts melt when they identify those responsible (video) – Rescue

They hear noises under their garden shed

In the Bronx, New York, a couple made a great discovery in their garden.

A mother cat had taken refuge under a garden shed to secure her 3 kittens.

She targets the right shelter

When the couple discovered the mother cat and her cubs, they moved the whole small family to keep them warm.

They are accompanied by chatting and have parallel contact with New York-based Little Wanderers NYC rescuers.

The couple offered to take the cats themselves to the shelter and the rescuers thanked them for taking care of the cat mom and the little ones.

The pussy trusts them

Once in her new foster home, the cat mom toured the premises before giving her approval. She really enjoyed the food she served and the fact that everyone cared about her.

The cat watched the rescuers closely as they examined the kittens to see if they were all right. They all weighed well and had no infections.

After you’ve made a mistake in the streets of New York, mom chat can be understood that way. Her kittens grow well and gain strength.

Toute la petite familie is now safe and will be available for adoption in the coming months.

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