they were bought by Change Healthcare from UnitedHealth validated by a judge

The potential buyout of Change Healthcare from UnitedHealth, one of the main players in health insurance in the United States, can be followed, an American judge estimated in a decision made this month, which would allow the resumption of an operation estimated at 13 billion dollars. total, selon la presse américaine. Le quotidien économique Wall Street Journal explains that the judiciary rejected all the requests submitted by the authorities, without publishing the instance ses conclusions, du fait d’«sensitive information on the competitive level». «We are happy with this decision and look forward to full power.», a spokesperson for the group told AFP.

United Healthcare announced its intention to acquire Change Healthcare in January 2021 for $7.84 billion, with a $5 billion installment. The Ministry of Justice, as well as the prosecutors of Minnesota and the State of New York, filed complaints last February to oppose the operation, estimating that it will allow UnitedHealth, plus grosse entreprise d’assurance santé aux États Unis, d’access to des données sensibles concernant ses concurrents.

A risk for competition

Un tel rachat aurait un impact sur l’état de la concurrence sur le marché de l’assurance maladie, entraînant des plus eléfêt et une qualité moindre, avait justifé les authorities. Change Healthcare’s products are used by many insurers to exchange reimbursement claims and payment information with support providers, or for reviewers, to change reimbursement requirements and meet the conditions offered for each insurer.

In order to respond to the remarques of the regulatory authorities, UnitedHealth announced that it will separate itself from certain activities of Change Healthcare, once the acquisition made to have compte des craintes de ses concurrents, précise le quotidien economic, a proposition judged insufficient by the ministry from Justice. Joe Biden’s administration has made the fight against anti-competitive practices a priority and the authorities have opposed several times these last months to mergers that they believed would reduce the competition.


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