Thierry Henry supports Mauricio Pochettino

After the victory of Paris Saint-Germain on the lawn of Montpellier (0-4), Thierry Henry, today a consultant for Prime Video, wanted to support the Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino. Indeed, the former glory of Arsenal and the French team considers that the coach of the club in the capital did not actually move to maintain the style of play of the team: “I think he can leave.” There will be discussions, of course, but we have to see if there will be a new team, if there will be the keys, will it change? Coaching with handcuffs is not easy. ”

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“I always go back to coaching. I don’t think we saw Pochettino’s paw for seeing his old teams, then added the 1998 world champion about the 50-year-old technician. I played against Espanyol when I was at Barça, you saw his teams at Southampton or Tottenham. It was a team that was pressing, hard to beat, playing well against me so I didn’t really see that. Playing against Paris is not always the case, even if it can happen in the Champions League. It’s rarer but I haven’t really seen him coach, or at least in the way he likes to do it. “

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