Thierry Marx in the kitchen with his two successors at the Cadenelle Institute

Do you see what the heads of cooking show candidates do when the chef passes a head over their shoulder to judge their work? And imagine that you are now in their place, knowing that this chef is also the founder of the teaching that you follow and that you will be responsible for making his name shine in your future career.

This is exactly the experience he faced with thirteen undergraduate students (bac +3) “Business Leader” by Thierry Marx. Throughout Wednesday morning, they worked under the supervision of the largest representative of molecular cuisine in France. in order to propose a brunch placed under the sign of the Mediterranean.

Meat skewers, mozzarella di buffala with olive oil and coarse salt, raw vegetables … Everything was put together to delight the taste buds and eyes of the guests in this very pleasant setting of the 12e Marseille borough. But while taste and dressing are very important for a dish, there are two notions that are on the menu for the chefs of this decade: the social and environmental impact of their business.

Adapt to a new world

Faced for years with a growing lack of arms in the profession, situation amplified by the health crisis, but also summed up by an increasing number of customers to create healthy dishes in accordance with the environment, the world of cooking is pushed to renew, explains Thierry Marx.

« These trades are in full transition and must be key to being environmentally sustainable, which is no longer negotiable today. Says the chief.

Thierry Marx should point out that students do not go to a training center to discover the kitchen in order to speak better and also to become real business chefs.

« La Cadenelle already offers excellent training, you don’t have to learn in the kitchen. » he considers. « We bring the managerial touch so that they become cooks of tomorrow, cooks who take into account aspects other than those of yesteryear. He concludes.


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