This bitch gathers on the shore while swimming several kilometers after being knocked into the boat by her master

This bitch has shown that exercising daily allows you to get out of dangerous situations on occasion. It is thanks to her endurance that she has reached the safe and safe bank after several kilometers of swimming. Her master was devastated to have lost her and had to wait 5 long days before she was found.

Keith Sofes is a fisherman at San Leon in the state du Texas aux United States of America. He used to take his named bitch with him Monster with him on his outings at sea. The young Monster has a sea foot and is happy to help retrieve the shrimp. “She grabs the net and starts pulling on her to assist me.”a confirmation Keith A people.

Unfortunately, on May 26, 2022, everything did not go as planned. Keith positioned his nets as far as the sea, but turning around, Monster was no longer there. “I thought, ‘Where is she?’ It was in the middle of the open water bay, about 7 miles from the mainland. ”an explanation Keith. It was obvious that Monster had passed overboard.

The man had collapsed from losing his bitch, but did not lower his arms. “It simply came to our notice then. I couldn’t even speak. I took my GPS coordinates and said, “We’re going to find her.”he confided Keith.

However, despite hours spent scrutinizing the horizon, the master did not find the trace of Monster. When he returned to the dock, he posted a distress message on Facebook.

5 long days without news

Keith does not recover from the tragic loss of his faithful Monster. “5 days have passed… She couldn’t have swum that far”a mentioned the owner abattu on les réseaux sociaux.

Yet one woman commented that she spotted a dog meeting the description of Monster in the city park. Keith was speechless and found his beloved doggie. “I cried so much and she kissed me so hard”he confided Keith.

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Monster did not seem to be traumatized by the experience. She quickly regained her habits, both at home and on the boat. Nevertheless, Keith invest in a life jacket for dogs.

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