This cat has been abandoned twice, the reason leaves everyone totally stunned

What chat was abandoned in 2 rounds

All Jacque wants is to be loved. Unfortunately, things are not always simple …

In May 2016, when Jacque was around 7 months old, the first owner’s son dismantled and decided not to go with him. This is how the matou was simply left in the empty house and found by the real estate agent who then deposited them in a shelter. A truly cruel abandonment.

As is often the case, the shelter was already overcrowded and no one paid any attention to Jacque who was then placed on the euthanasia animal list. Fortunately for him, fate decided otherwise.

A nice meeting

When Nancy Hutchinson, founder and president of Michigan Cat Rescue, met Jacque’s gaze, she immediately fell under her spell and decided to help him. After some research, Nancy even finds a family for life for this beautiful cat, who cares for cuddles at lungimea zilei.

But nothing went as planned …

A 2nd abandonment

After a year with Jacque, the master’s new lady wants to get rid of him. Why? Simply because the tomcat constantly demands hugs and spends a lot of time on his lap! A pretty amazing excuse. The whole shelter was stunned, especially since the woman precisely requested a very cuddly cat during the adoption …

“She just got tired of it…”

When Jacque returned to the shelter, he was visible in distress – and he ended up getting very sick. For several days, the discussion stressed by the situation refuses and begins to lose strength … A situation quite expected for everyone.

Once the cat was back on its feet, the shelter started looking for a family again, showing even more attention.

Today, Jacque lives in the new house for life alongside a couple who are totally under his spell. The tomcat even got a new first name: Giuseppe! A beautiful future full of sweetness now opens up to him.

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