This cat really talks and asks his mistress “how are you?” (Video)

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Published in para Camille Lepeintre on May 8, 2022 at 8:30 p.m.

Pe knew the cats were smart but that’s a “level” still above! TikTok user @chakacoon unveiled a video of her chat, a Maine Coon, who has the floor. And no, that’s not a joke. In the video, you can see below, the animal asks a question to the owner and is just bluffing.

“May I do that?” The cat buzzed as he spoke

gray tick, animals are real stars! One thinks in particular of Noma bitch with her own family home room, which she recently did the buzz. Today, it’s another ball of hair that amuses the web. And it’s pretty unusual! TikTok user @chakacoon have a Maine Coon a bit atypical. Indeed, the latter is able to ask him how he is doing. In the video shared last April, we can understand his cat telling him ” How are you ? »(How are you in French). You are advised to watch the video several times, you will see that you can’t go wrong.

Being Maine Coon a breed of cat In particular intelligent, you were already introduced to Kéfir, a year old and a real star on Instagram, it is not surprising that an animal can repeat vocally what its owner dictates. As for the video, the internet is shared. We don’t know if the cat meant ” I love you ” or ” How are you ? ». One thing is for sure, he wanted to contact his owner.

Internet users are not coming back

with 134.1K abonnésmany netizens commented vocal exploit of Maine Coon. « Yes, she really does », He confirms @Teresa Sutton787. Others find a way to make fun of his French accent: ” It was definitely a debate over the French accent He explains @Adam. The owner herself replied: ” MDR! Or did he also discover the French personality ?! ».

Finally, for his part, @Amy O Connoris like us: ” I could watch it over and over and over again. It is beautiful » . Seriously, who has never dreamed of having a real discussion with their traveling companion? Some are already marrying their cat, so imagine?

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