This dog has everything to make a family happy, but no one cares because he is not “purebred”

Arthur is a complete quality dog, but in the shelter where he has lived since his rescue from the street, visitors are not interested. The latter favor purebred canids, which he does not. The staff of the association do not despair, however, not to see him find a loving family.

« I was one [chien] wandering hungry but now I’m grateful for the warm bed, full belly and hugs from the staff ». In a statement posted by the shelter Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Arthur the dog speaks to tell his story and entrust his spoirs.

Arthur is a lurcher, in other words, a Greyhound crusader. He is 3 years old and lives in this shelter Nottinghamshire since he was discovered on the street, delivered to himself and without access to food. At the time, he did not know what it was like to be loved, reports the The mirror.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue / Facebook

« I love having fun with toys, especially stuffed animals. These are my favorites! My friends here say that I am the most cuddly boy of all time ”Continues the message. Arthur does not lack qualities. Despite this, potential naked adopters do not rush in front of his box.

Within the association, it is believed that visitors are more interested in purebred dogs.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue / Facebook

On May 31, the team of Jerry Green Dog Rescue thought luck was finally turning in his favor, but it was yet another disappointment. On that day, the meeting with a family had not led to his adoption.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue / Facebook

Have the chance to be “someone’s best friend”

Arthur I’m always looking for ” a house where [il peut] be someone’s best friend ». If he is shy, he is motivated by food and knows how to attach to humans with a little time. It can coexist with a congener and children over the age of 3, but not with a small pet, such as rodents.

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Jerry Green Dog Rescue / Facebook

The association also states that it needs a secure garden to play and spend, with a fence at least 1.80 meters high.

Arthur will he finally be able to make his dream come true and have a home forever? That’s what everyone wants.


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