This front-legged Chihuahua puppy has a joy of life and loves to kick his stuffed animals

Joey, the young Chihuahua, is a different dog from the others. Yet he lives exactly like his peers. Its the cutest feature? Snuggling up against her beloved stuffed animals at nap time.

Association Saving vintage petslocated at investment in the state of Rhode Island aux United States of America, specializes in the adoption and adoption movement of dogs âgés et / ou aux needs specifics. Beginning April 2022, the founder Kristen Peralta integrated a 3-month-old Chihuahua into the troupe. The puppy had been picked up by the CT Human Society but did not feel in his place.

Joey, from his nickname, bears no resemblance to his fellow refugees. He was born without front legs. Joey proves, however, that his handicap is of little importance. He has fun with his toys, participates in the general fight with his congeners, wades in the pool and, of course, demands caresses. “Joey is a happier dog than we’ve ever met”stated Kristen A Dodo.

“He doesn’t know it’s different”

Joey is, like all puppies, full of energy. At the end of his crazy games, he regains his strength during a long, restful nap. “It’s still very puppy in his behavior, so he plays it until he’s exhausted and then sleeps until he’s recovered.”he specified Kristen.

To do this, the little canid likes to snuggle up against huge stuffed animals. So the founder of the association provided her with something to feel safe in: a huge llama, a purple pony, a fluffy basket… The puppy climbs to a safe place and takes refuge near his stuffed friends. “Joey can go upstairs on the couch and face just about anywhere he wants to go.” It’s really amazing to see him do so well. Nothing stops him »an explanation Kristen.

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Soon, Joey will have the chance to receive a wheelchair adapted to his disability. Small front wheels will allow it to move more easily. In addition, the little male will soon be neutered so that he can be adopted. “We know we will have hundreds of candidates for him. But there’s only one Joey. “joked Kristen. In fact, his playful character and strength of character make the little Chihuahua a unique being.

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