this restaurant had to close permanently, a few months after the passage of Philippe Etchebest

Philippe Etchebest comes to the aid of Béatrice et Patrice, restorers during an episode of Nightmare in the kitchen, aired last September 15th. Since then, the managers have unfortunately had to put the key under the door.

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Last September, M6 viewers were moved by the story of Béatrice and Patrice, managers of a restaurant in a small village in Isère, Notre-Dame-de-Vaulx. Unable to make ends meet and being completely demotivated, the couple had hired Philippe Etchebest on the show. Nightmare in the kitchen. On the spot, the chef found the situation disastrous. At first he was very disappointed with what he had tasted: “Fifteen years of experience, to eat what I ate, it does not!“On the hygiene side, the Top Chef jury had a few disappointments, like when he noticed traces of mold near the food … The restaurateurs had been able to benefit from the chef’s advice, they had to! after her intervention, Béatrice and Patrice had to put their establishment permanently closed, forced and forced.

“This closure without any rights with the show”

It was on the Facebook page of the restaurant L’auberge des 4 chemins that Béatrice, the chef, shared the information last October: “The hostel is permanently closed. We remember our client. This closure has nothing to do with the show, it is a judgment rendered that the municipality wanted, not to set up the grocery store. Thank you“In the comments and various posts on the social network, Beatrice gave more information on the reasons for the cessation of their activity. She reveals that the municipality would have” expelled “them. Obviously in conflict with the municipality – which owned the premises – the restaurateurs had to close, without being able to appeal this decision.

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An internet user hoped that the chef’s intervention would allow him to get out of the water. “It has nothing to do with the leader “, wants to clarify the manager.

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