This tip will keep you from gaining weight during the holidays

Le debut de l’été is there and the holiday plans are ready. But if the only thing you want to bring back from vacation is a souvenir that fits in your suitcase and not an extra size, you can take a simple measure while enjoying the trip. Here’s a tip that will help you lose weight this summer. One study looked at the influence of a balance on weight gain during the holidays.

Experts say that using a balance or being extra careful can help the genre to avoid a significant holiday price.

Researchers at the University of Georgia show that people who care about their daily lives during periods when they are more likely to enjoy themselves, such as holidays and parties, are better able to maintain their weight or even lose weight. than those who dare not climb on the scales.

The results of the study

In the study, which was published in the scientific journal Obesity, researchers divided 111 adults between the ages of 18 and 65 into two groups, one of which was to be weighed daily. In this intervention, the study authors asked participants to try to maintain their initial weight during the study period, which extended to Thanksgiving au lendemain du jour de l’An. However, les chercheurs did not give specific instructions on how to do it. Participants were free to choose, whether through exercise, calorie reduction or another choice technique.

The control group, on the other hand, was not weighed daily and did not receive any instructions regarding its weight. At the end of the procedure and after a 14-week follow-up period, participants who weighed themselves daily managed to maintain or even lose weight. The control group, on the other hand, gained weight.

Researchers say that people are very sensitive to differences or differences between their current state and their standard or goal. When they notice this gap, it tends to lead to a change in behavior. Self-measurement of one’s daily weight ends up doing this for people in a very clear way.

Is weight gain during the holidays worth worrying about?

Research suggests that adults often gain between 0.4 and 0.9 kilograms during the holiday season. Surviving or obese people often gain even more weight during this period. This type of weight gain can be cumulative, meaning that it rarely disappears, but increases frequently. Over the years and decades, this “creeping obesity” has increased the risk of weight-related health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

Since the likelihood of food deviations is higher in vacanțe, any way to increase the responsibility, that is, to make you think twice before eating this three biscuit before going to bed because that you know you have to get on the scales the next morning, is a good thing. That being said, it is important to understand that the variability of the balance setting is high, so it is not helpful to try to compare your weight on the balance of your home in your hotel cell.

Beware of obsession though: don’t waste your vacation

Be careful, however, to take into account certain factors inherent in travel, things that can make the figure climb on the scales and you are not overweight. Air travel often causes significant water retention, which can have an impact on your balance. With this in mind, use the holiday scales as a way to increase liability, limit damage, and keep a cool head.

For other experts, the urge to weigh yourself every day can actually be more problematic than taking a few extra grams because of this icy margarita.
When we think about health, it is important to consider all the factors that have an impact on our well-being, and include our mental health. When a person feels compelled to weigh themselves on a daily basis, it can create an underlying stress and anxiety that literally aspires to the joy of living. If you are going on holiday.

Is there a fair balance between weighing and not weighing?

A median approach can be at will that will allow you to enjoy the holidays and not worry about weight gain that is possible with a little vacation. The obsession with a few kilos exposes us to a restrictive state of mind that pushes us to adopt an unsustainable “all or nothing” lifestyle.
But even the slightest concern about weight gain can be difficult to overcome, precisely because once you have gained weight, it is difficult to lose it. Perhaps the best way to enjoy your vacation without having to constantly watch the scales is to approach the holidays more wisely.

It is common to enjoy vacations more than usual, usually due to exposure to new experiences. These behaviors should not be measured by body weight, whether on vacation or not. On the contrary, attentive eating behaviors, whether at home or on vacation, allow you to enjoy your measured time through subjective experiences, rather than through objective body weight.


If you are actively trying to lose weight or maintain it, you may have become accustomed to weighing yourself more often. Maintain this pendant habit, as you are away from home for a few reps, it can help you control your balance movement. But if this can ruin the joy of the holiday you dream of, don’t weigh yourself and eat more consciously. Go crazy when it’s worth it, but don’t overdo it with every meal and every day.


Daily self-weighing to prevent weight gain associated with adult holidays

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