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Ticsa, as “my origin“in the Latin American dialect is the sweet name of the new restaurant on rue Bouffard in Bordeaux. This restaurant, unlike the others, offers enjoy a traditional meal (without additives or preservatives) in a sterilized jar from 100% local producers. Already present in Bazas, Pau and for a few months in Bordeaux, its origins go back to 5 years ago in the Landes where the project was called at the time “Bocal Local”. Today, he and his funk preserves have been exported all over the Southwest.

Ticsa Bordeaux

Remodeled, modernized canning

Because if the principle of canning takes us far back in time, at Ticsa it is up to date. A la carte? We find one 20 dishes and 10 desserts. Among the best-selling les? The cabbagestuffed cabbage with duck (first place), the mini foie gras from the Landesthey duck stew with peas or the ris of young bovine to old worked as in the great gastronomic addresses. Great success this summer? corpse charcuterie boards (chorizo, smoked magret, foie gras magret …) and the summer salad (peasant, Landes or even the couscous veggie version). For the return of the good old days, Ticsa launches its salad + dessert formula at € 10.90.

Ticsa Bordeaux

1.30 minutes the microwave and the trick is played!

If possible to sit on the spot from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30 am to 8.30 pmit is also possible to take everything home or have it delivered via UberEats or BlackBirds (local home delivery platform). Not to mention the impromptu meals on the docks or in the Public Garden for those Ticsa provides basket and cutlery for lunch outside in the grass or on a bench.

To warm up your little gourmet jars, just microwave (only 1.30 minutes) or gently return them to the saucepan or water bath. The jars (listed at € 1) that look small, however, have one capacity of 300 grams. Which is the equivalent of a generous plate. Soon, 450g XL jars will emerge to satisfy large stomachs.

Ticsa Bordeaux

Short circuit but long storage

All jars are kept 3 years at room temperature (6 months for deserts). Fast, high quality and much more accessible than a restaurant, the benefits of the Ticsa nude concept are endless. In addition to the ease of living that it implies, it offers especially the ability to enjoy traditional cuisine of yesteryear that one generally does not have the courage to prepare. And without ruining yourself! To discover the map, it’s here (hurry up, some make reservations and the must-sees disappear quickly).

Ticsa Bordeaux

44 Rue Bouffard, 33000 Bordeaux
05 56 44 05 89

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