Tiger mosquito: high heat, 67 departments on red alert

With the high heat, the tiger mosquito returns, and “it is now 67% of the territory” where the species is declared “officially established and active”, notes the website Vigilance Moustiques.

67 departments are therefore placed on red alert, which means that the tiger mosquito is “implanted and active” in these territories. Among them, the Haute-Garonne is concerned.

67 departments are on red alert.
Mosquito surveillance

Six departments on orange alert

It should be noted that six departments are on orange alert, meaning that the tiger mosquito has been “intercepted punctually in the last 5 years”, notes Vigilance Mosquitoes. These are the Allier, the Loir et Cher, the Haute Loire, the Oise, the Yonne and the Val d’Oise.

In all, 70 departments are colonized or in the process of being created, “soit près de 67% du territoire” français. Vigilance Moustiques states that “departments that are on orange alert will sooner or later go on red alert”.

As a reminder, the sting of theaedes albopictus, called “tiger mosquito”, can transmit dengue, chikungunya or Zika virus. The species is recognizable by its black and white stripes.

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