to tart flambée in a food truck

A lightly burnt thin dough, bacon, sour cream, mushrooms. Here are the “classic” ingredients for a good flammekueche … but you still have to know how to make it!

In the short circuits on France Bleu Alsace, flambé pie with taste. Behind the stoves we find Matthieu Marais.
Elsass Flamm’s chef and manager, Matthieu proposes authentic and traditional tarte flambées: “2/3 of fresh cream, 1/3 of white cheese, freshly chopped onions and bacon” he details.
The recipe is basic, but cooked over a wood fire (with local produce), Matthieu’s flambéed pie is worth a visit. A technique that allows him – since 2016 – to be a member of the brotherhood “of the true Flammekueche of Alsace”.

A peculiarity of Matthew’s kitchen is that it moves. Elsass Flamm is a food truck, in other words a kitchen for 4 Russians, in which the party travels to the region and prepares the regional specialty in just 9m2.
Quick tour of the owner with the one who this weekend (May 14 and 15) will be in the plant garden at the Hoerdt Racecourse.

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