towards a more frequent use of spare parts to repair cars

France Assureurs, which includes a large part of the profession, welcomes the progress of this practice in the country but wants to go further. The organization emphasizes environmental interest in connection with the circular economy of spare parts, which has also made it possible to better control the cost of repairs. And, in the end, to lower the car premium?

Used or recycled, these bumpers, mirrors or body parts are used to repair a damaged vehicle. This practice is called, carried out with the agreement of the car insurance company, the use of spare parts. France Assureurs (FA), which brings together a large part of the profession, welcomes the progress of this practice in the country but wants to go further because it remains a limit: only 3% of the parts replaced in the context of claims covered by insurers, writes the body in a position note.

However, this rate is 8% for vehicles between 10 and 15 years old and 20% for vehicles over 15 years old. FA emphasizes the intrt environmental, in connection with the circular economy of the spare parts that in addition to better mastering the cost of the repair.

An important element when the price of spare parts rises regularly: according to Scurit et Rparation Automobile (SRA), an organization close to insurers, the price of spare parts car spare parts went up by 5.8% in 2020 (+ 7% for Peugeot, + 2% for Renault and + 7% for Citron). This argument is often put forward to justify the rise in the price of car insurance premiums.

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What insurers offer

Insurers are therefore putting the following proposals on the market for spare parts for car repairs:

  • that the supply chain for spare parts is even better structured, in parallel with the redesign of the extended producer responsibility (REP) chain for end-of-life vehicles (VHU): it is also a matter of facilitating the identification of parts and their availability (digitization) and to improve logistics channels;
  • that the traceability of spare parts is optimized;
  • that the fight against illegal filings with VHUs from abroad be intensified;
  • that a system for classifying VHU centers be set up, in particular according to good practice on the job site.

Randomly from the calendar, another measure will favor the evolution of the market of the pice dtache. The manufacturers’ monopoly on so-called visible parts such as mirrors, hood or bumper will end. They will no longer be protected and all glazing will be completely open to competition. A 30% to 40% drop in the price of spare parts is expected.

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