Towards the removal of the insurance certificate

Insurers are campaigning for the removal of the green card

Simplify the daily life of the insured by relying on the Insured Vehicle File

Driving a motor vehicle, which is two- or four-wheeled, involves being a holder of the corresponding driving license, but also being insured to a minimum in civil liability.

And to prove that your vehicle is well insured, it is imperative to display your certificate of insurance, the famous green sticker, in a visible and precisely positioned way. You must also provide your certificate in case of inspection in addition to the permit and registration certificate. Only for France Assureurs, formerly known as the French Federation of Insurance Companies, this green card no longer needs to be.

If they have been essential for decades to facilitate the fight against uninsured driving, the introduction of the Insured Vehicle File, bringing together all registrations and active contracts, has now made it possible to simplify checks by insurers. law enforcement since everything is computerized.

According to the Fédération, this FVA is sufficient to serve as a reference for control des assurances. She also recalled that France was one of the last European countries to require the physical presentation of these documents.

The disappearance of the green card and the certificate will allow it to outweigh several benefits: administrative management relief, resource savings (50 million certificates are printed each year) or simplification of proof of insurance, thus avoiding users who have simply forgotten to replace their sticker.

At the same time, the disappearance of green cards also served to consolidate the fight against fraud since if these paper documents are falsifiable, this is not the case with the FVA. Imposing a digital control on agents will thus make it possible to better target insurance defects.

While discussions have intensified in recent weeks between the federation of 247 insurers and the ministries concerned, France Assureurs says it is confident in the outcome of the proposal. On the part of the Ministry of Economy, the response was more temperate, stating that no decision had yet been taken.

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