Towel: our selection

The great winner of repetitive confinements, thetable art changed into a comforting totem of a private restaurant company. Now, if the Covid era boosted our cravings for set tables from Sunday every day of the week, this age-old ritual remains a French tradition that continues to emulate, the codes too rigid less.

No need to follow the rules, to compile the silverware and crystal service to succeed. Intuition, inspiration and a mix and match feel good enough to guarantee a seductive mass that will mark the spirits. Without falling into the trap of the “French table” par excellence, some elements that do not look like anything make all the difference once arranged. In the head, the dishes obviously, the tablecloth and finally the cloth towel which combines flawless utility and impeccable looks.

Which towel to choose?

Far from the usual white cotton tablecloth, the 2022 version textiles are more akin to pure taste vector accessories than are envied. Enjoying an aesthetic rooted in the time, table linen reflects our deco desires of the moment. Vichy tiles at Mango and Holiday Home, fleurs vitaminées on napkins signed by Lucas du Tertre and Linvosges, light scratches at Merci or The Socialite Family, plain and linen at H&M Home and Cyrillus, the table linen oscillates between a chic hippy universe and an incursion on the side of a somewhat motley retro imaginary.

Linen tablecloth your tissue patterned napkin unite, colorful napkin or monochrome, here they are plus beautiful models.

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