Twitch: A streameuse sets fire to her kitchen live!

It is a very unfortunate adventure that has arrived in Kjanecaron, a Twitch streamer living in Florida, USA. As she says and well in her bio, the influencer has a habit of “they had been ridiculed” and this time she didn’t do it on purpose.

On fire!

Yesterday, Kjanecaron was celebrating its birthday and so had the idea to perform a subathon. Like the sub-goals and / or goal donations that are known through Zevent or other, a subathon has several sub-levels (as its name suggests), which, as soon as they are reached, is a pledge or activity that the streamer must perform.

So while she was cooking live, the streamer found herself very helpless when her stove caught fire.

The room immediately filled with smoke and Kjanecaron began to freak out. She then tries, in a panic, to put the pan in the sink, which only makes things worse because of the oil that spreads on the fire. Because of this, it is the whole of his kitchen that finds itself immersed in the smokeand the fire is not quenched.

Helplessthe streamer needs to repeat “What am I doing?”, the Twitch chat being totally powerless compared to the situation. Without the presence of a fire extinguisher, Kjanecaron is forced to leave her apartment and call on her neighbors for help. Completion, she will call the fire department to put out that uncontrollable stove fire.

Meanwhile, a few hundred viewers watched the scene and I, just like the streameuse, a good scare. One of his followers commented on Kjanecaron’s Twitter post: “I was wondering what was going on! I was watching your stream from Alaska and I didn’t know what to do.”.

More fear than harm

Indeed, the streameuse came out safe and sound, with a slight burn on the hand no more. After the stream, she took a break in her birthday subathon, to buy bandages to make her main object, then resumed more beautiful and is, at present, still live.

This “blunder” will surely have warned the streamer against the ravages of a disastrous kitchen stream, and will force her to acquire a fire extinguisher. His subathon is far from over, and who knows what else may happen!


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