Two holidaymakers attacked by pigs in Corsica, their chihuahua is being devoured

Sometimes the holidays don’t always go as planned… And for this couple of tourists from Toulouse in their sixties, yet used to going to Corsica every year, they even turned out “traumatic”.

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In order to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Porto this Thursday, June 9, around 7 pm, these two vacationers, traveling by motorhome, had decided to go to the relay antennas of the Sevi Pass.

Once parked and accompanied by their little bitches (a yorkshire terrier and a chihuahua), they notice the presence of stray pigs. From then on, they decide to keep their two pets on a leash during their hike “so they don’t bother them”.

It is a little later that the drama takes place.

During their march, the couple allegedly found themselves surrounded by a pack of about twenty pigs coming out of the bush, trying to attack their two bitches, which they were still holding on to.

Panicked and alone, the vacationers decide to hold them high at arm’s length in order to save them. However, the pigs then allegedly dropped them several times, pushing them from behind, dragging the bitches into their falls.

The man allegedly had time to pick up the yorkshire, which would then have fled into the bush, but the chihuahua, named Chica, was devoured alive by the pigs in front of its owners.

“There is a huge risk of danger”

“Shock” and complaining of multiple injuries, the couple contacted firefighters who transferred them to a doctor on duty in Cargèse.

“The doctor sent us to wash in a nearby campsite so we were in a sorry state after being pushed to the ground by the pigs.”, points to Tolousaine. The couple also received a recall of tetanus vaccine and antibiotics.

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The 60-year-old also complains of a major wound behind her knee following her falls, requiring the daily intervention of a nurse.

“Disappointed” from this misadventure, the couple, who arrived on the island on June 5 and left on June 26, will leave the island this weekend.

They are now inviting the authorities and municipalities concerned (this place on the Col de Sevi is located between the municipalities of Renno and Cristinacce) to put up signs indicating this animal wandering that tourists, like them, may ignore.

“We did not go to look for these animals, they camecomplains the Tolousaine. I’m afraid other people will take this path with young children in turn. There is a huge risk of danger. They are voracious, that’s awesome! I’ve never seen that. They wander, they do what they want. “

Contacted, Antoine Versini, the mayor of Cristinacce, indicates that signs will be ordered from this Monday in order to prohibit walkers from accessing the road leading to the relay antennas.

“There has never been a problem before. Many campers also decide to sleep there and even light campfires while it is forbiddendeclares the mayor. Yes, there are animals because it is still the countryside and it is a place of transhumance for shepherds. And of course, there is no fence, but the whole plateau of the Sevi Pass cannot be closed either. “

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