Two horses killed by dogs

Serge is the owner of about fifteen horses destined to take tourists and riders for a walk in the Hauts de Sainte-Rose soon. The equestrian center is under construction, as are bungalows with stunning views of the ventilated coastline.

A postcard bruised for a few months by dog ​​attacks. The balance is heavy. Following a first attack four months ago, two horses did not survive the bites and two mares had miscarriages due to stress.

Another horse was seriously injured in the night from Saturday to Sunday. An attack two days before the one suffered by his neighbor, Eric Gonthier, the sheep and poultry farmer. “It was at 6.30am on Sunday that the blood-stained horse was found, bitten deeply in the neck. “bitterly tells the owner of the place.

It was with the help of UPNA President Dominique Clain that Serge and his relatives treated the animal for lack of a veterinarian available. “There is no equine vet in the East, plus it was Mother’s Day, all the equestrian centers are complaining, we don’t know what to do to make it move“, he laments.

He expressed his displeasure at the situation, while securing his 15-hectare farm in the face of dogs was impossible despite the installation of an electric fence. In the evening, most of the horses are released into the pastures. “If the dogs want to go home, they passSerge said.

New boxes are under construction, as well as a carousel. And pending the commissioning of the center, “for the time being, insurance is not being considered“He hasn’t entered the gendarmes’ door yet.”File a complaint against whom ? “, he asks. If he thinks of stray dogs, they could also belong to locals.”There were 5 molasses yesterday downstairs, if they come home it’s over, they have owners“.

The dog track used for hunting is also not excluded. Faced with a loss of almost 10,000 euros for an adult and trained horse, he appeals to the authorities, the Cirest in the lead (in charge of animal wandering) to “put something in place“but also the dog owners of “Take responsibility”.

While waiting, like his rancher neighbor, one of his sons spent Monday night on the spot. “We are not here to kill the dogs but at some point we will have to get there“, warns Serge.


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