Two other cats were shot dead in Gueux

Grecently hit by a lead shot on Easter Monday, April 18, as he was walking near his mistress’s home on Avenue de la Gare in Gueux, a 16-and-a-half-year-old cat succumbed to his injuries a week later. late in the night of April 25-26. Garfield was embarrassed to rent the house with one “Bullet wound” in the abdomen, caused by a lead that had lodged in his right shoulder after touching a lung. A complaint was filed with the gendarmerie for the shooter’s ID, to no avail at this time.

One or more shooters?

The article caused a stir in the commune, which revealed that at least two other cats in the neighborhood were also seriously injured by bullets, the first in 2019, the second in 2020, but they survived. Their owners live on rue du Noyer-du-Breuil and rue de la Tuilerie, in the same subdivision as the mistress of Garfield. These two cases were also reported at the time to the gendarmerie, and concerning cats that do not move too far from their homes. “Of course, the person is close to us”concludes the owner of Garfield, without, however, being certain that the three facts involve one and the same shooter.


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