UEFA scans French government figures on counterfeit banknotes

The Senate continues its hearings as part of the investigation into the incidents that took place at the Stade de France on May 28 during the Champions League final, postponed by Real Madrid to the detriment of Liverpool.

On Tuesday morning, senators questioned Martin Kallen, director general of UEFA Events, a UEFA subsidiary for event trading. He said the independent investigation commissioned by the body should lead to its findings in September.

2,600 counterfeit notes, from 30 to 40,000

In addition to confirming that he had damaged private supporters of access to the stadium despite a real ticket, and also spoke figures. “There were a little less than 75,000 people in the stadium, we can say that there were 26,000 more people around the stadium. They were local people and different spectators, much of whom were Liverpool fans, ”he said.

“Around 2,600 counterfeits were brought to the garrison. This has already been investigated with addresses that were on QR codes, ”he said.

“It can be said that there were probably more than 2,600 tickets that were fake. How much, we don’t know, we couldn’t really verify. (But) we do not believe the figures mentioned on the first day in France, which were more or less 30 to 40,000. Once again, the figures put forward by Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin are being broken.

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