United States of America: They thought they had picked up a stray puppy …


A Massachusetts family has been persuaded to be received at the home of a young dog in late April. He actually became a coyote baby.

The small animal was handed over to a local shelter.


A family in Barnstable, Massachusetts, was walking along a busy road when they noticed a small animal. Tendered by this visibly lost ball of hair, witnesses boarded it with them, convinced they were dealing with a puppy. It wasn’t long before the family realized that their new companion was not a pet, but a coyote. The locals had the right reflex by calling a local refuge, wrote Today.

Volunteers from the Cape Wildlife Center intervened at the family home, assisted by employees of the Department of Public Health. Specialists were able to determine that there was no risk of exposure to rabies, and the small animal was taken care of by the shelter, where it was placed in solitary confinement. The little coyote will soon be joined by one of his congeners. “Once the two babies have received their vaccines, they will be raised together and will have the opportunity to grow up and learn natural behaviors in our large outdoor cage,” the shelter said on Facebook.

Les deux jeunes coyotes will be revealed in nature and later in the year, when they will be ready for adventure. “This story ends well, but it could very well have been different,” reads the social network. The rescuers of the small animal could in fact have been bitten or scratched by the animal. In this case, “we would have been forced to euthanize the baby and test him for rabies,” notes the shelter. He advises people who come across an animal in the wild to contact the authorities before seizing it.


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