until May 15 for records

studentdon’t hesitate to set up and send your Student Social File (EHR) : the deadline to upload and send your file is May 15! May how to do? Here are the instructions for applying for scholarships and student housing (CROUS).

Setting up your Student Social Record (EHR): deadline is May 15

There are only a few days left for constitutes DES for the academic year 2022-2023. They are concerned by this deadline for students making their first applications for scholarships and student housing. But one must first answer some criteria :

  • be under the age of 28;
  • be enrolled in a training that can often receive scholarship students ;
  • correspond to certain income levels (check your eligibility on the CROUS scholarship simulator);
  • not to be disabled, enlisted in the army or to perform civic service: in this case, the modalities change.

The first step in mounting the file file: an account is created on the dedicated site. And your account is already created, you need to log in thanks to be an identifier and be passed. “If you do not have an account, you will need to create one with your INE (National Student Identification) number.” What number is on your student book or on the registration confirmation form au bac », stated Service-Public. Also know that you have already registered on Parcoursup for the last 4 years, your account has already been created.


The supporting documents for the EHR

Once your EHR is created, you receive it application submission confirmation email. You then have 8 calendar days to send the following with supporting documents:

  • you proof of schooling as well as those of your siblings if they are students;
  • you tax notice 2021 on the income received in 2020, as well as that of your parents.

Note depending on your family situation, l ‘tax notice to provide differs. Here is a summary:

  • married or married parents: parents’ tax number;
  • unmarried or unmarried parents: tax notice of both parents;
  • separated parents without judgment: tax notice of both parents;
  • Separated Parents with Judgment: Complete separation judgment for any first application and tax notice of the parent (s) in your custody;
  • divorced parents: full separation judgment for any first application and tax notice of the custodial parent (s);
  • separated parents without judgment, an isolated parent charging you: tax notice (on which you are listed) of the dependent parent and tax advice from the other parent.

An essential dossier to be able to apply for scholarships and student housing

to conditional notification of award or rejection of scholarship will normally reach you no later than July. As a reminder, the amounts of scholarships are indexed between levels 0 bis and 7. They ranged between 1042 euros and 5736 euros per year for the academic year 2021-2022, or between 104.20 euros and 573.6 euros per month on the 10 months it is perceived.

As for the student housing applications, they are also performed after validating your EHR. Once your file has been validated, you will receive an email to send your wishes of accommodation (maximum 4). Proposals for accommodation in university residences take place every week between 14 June and 5 July.

Rest assured, if you submit your file after May 15, it may be reviewed and processed. However, you run the risk of being charged with a deferred scholarship.

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