Unusual: a woman says she caught an IST in her car, her son’s insurance must be $ 5.2 million

In the series “Incroyable mais vrai” … The Court of Appeal of Missouri (United States) indicated that a car insurance company must pay a small sum of $ 5.2 million to one of the customers. , who claimed to have inadvertently caught a sexually transmitted infection (STI) in a car insured by the company in question.

The site Yahoo News (Source 1), which relays the information, states that a panel of three Missouri Court judges found that a judgment against the General Insurance Company (GEICO), through a previous arbitration proceeding, was fair. and well valid. The company in question had appealed the court’s decision, citing legal errors.

The woman had reported contracting human papillomavirus (HPV), which was contracted during unprotected intercourse that took place in a vehicle insured by GEICO. The man allegedly infected her, machine he was known to be a carrier of the virus and had nevertheless opted for an unprotected relationship. He was found guilty of failing to disclose his serological status, and his company was then ordered to pay the complainant $ 5.2 million.

The panel of three judges in charge of the case concluded that the court had not erred in dismissing the company’s claims, stating that GEICO did not have the right to “question these issues.” once the damages have been determined and a judgment has been rendered.

What about STIs contracted at home?

Interviewed by the Mail Onlinepersonal injury lawyer Miguel Custodio said this decision could make case law in the future. “If you consider that there is an injury suffered in the vehicle of this person, it resumes the total of an insurance company would be payable”He said, noting that insurance usually covers injuries related to car accidents, or even fingers stuck in a door. In view of the amount obtained from the complainant, it is „quite reasonable to file a complaint against an insurance company for all the action occurring in a motor vehicle“Added the lawyer. The latter rightly wondered contracting HIV as a result of unprotected sex with a positive partner: Could you then sue your homeownership insurance and win?

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