Unusual minutes: she catches an IST in her car and recovers $ 5.2 million in insurance

Is a sexually transmitted infection caught during intercourse in a car considered a “road accident”? According to the Missouri Court, in the United States, saui.

In fact, a woman contracted a human papillomavirus during an unprotected intercourse in the car. The man knew he was carrying the virus, but did not want to protect himself. The victim therefore turned against his insurance, GEICO, which was ordered to pay $ 5.2 million to the complainant, while the man was found guilty of failing to disclose his serological status.

As Miguel Custodio, a personal injury lawyer, explains, on the Daily Mail website, this court decision could make jurisprudence. “If you consider that there is an injury to the vehicle of this person, when you resume the total of an insurance company it would be a payer’s outfit.

The lawyer also wonders if, in the future, when an STI or STD is contracted at homeif it is possible to turn against his home insurance… ”Please note that we are receiving all notifications of changes to our new insurance policies in the near futureHe concluded.

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