Unusual: she cooks a cake of the Queen’s great nature

On the occasion of the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, some Britons set out to pay homage to the Queen in a creative and unusual way. Lara Mason not only made a cake for the jubilee, she made a cake the size of the queen, with 400 eggs, 20 pounds of flour, and as much butter. Like the original model, the cake is about 1 meter 60 in height. Portions of the feast were handed out to bingo players in Birmingham with, of course, a cup of tea.

But Lara Mason is not the only one to have baked an impressive cake on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th reign. On Tiktok, a user named stickysponge had fun making an awesome dog cake. This is a corgi dog that the queen is particularly fond of. “We created a cake to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee. Everything is edible. I would like to either donate it to a good cause or sell it at auction to raise funds for Ukraine.”wrote the person behind the account.

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