VIDEO. “9 times out of 10, they survive”: comments the cats resistant to falls from several floors

“When a window or balcony falls, cats have a 90% chance of surviving,” said Hélène Gateau. What survival rates are extremely high and is explicit through two capabilities that have discussions. The first is the turnaround: no matter how the cat falls, it will be able to turn around to land its paws. And the second is his position as a parachutist: in his fall, the cat will lie flat on its stomach and spread its legs like a parachutist to slow down its fall and thus limit the impact.

“Thanks to two capabilities, the maximum speed of a chat is 97 km / h, when it is 193 km / h for a human being”, explains the veterinarian. Impact damage will thus be much greater in humans than in cats, which explains their chances of survival.

Hélène Gateau appeals to this season of strong heat, you need to be vigilant when chatting. “Do not leave a window open unattended, watch out for drafts that may frighten your pet and accidentally drop it.” The problem of parachuting cats is very common in the past, but there are solutions to make your animal breathe safely: install safety nets on the windows and on the balcony, or attach a leash to the harness of your animal.

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