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Abdou is not a chef like the others. He is a chef at home. Several times a month, he goes to his clients to prepare meals. Today, he cooks at the famous Ivorian footballer Serge Aurier, near Valencia.

„A chef at home comes to prepare everything at home, from A to Z. The kitchen, the food, the cooking, the dressing. This is my passion, this is all ”. From cooking to plate dressing, Abdou is a passionate caregiver used to cooking for stars.

“I went to Portugal, Switzerland, England, Germany, Morocco, Mexico…” As a home chef, Abdou often travels for his clients. Every month, he does about a dozen services at home. Today, it is in Spain and the kitchen for the international footballer Serge Aurier.

“I’m going to try to get a few young people into the business, because there are a lot of them, even from Senegal, who ask me every time when I’m going to cook there.”

“It simply came to our notice then. We will try to bring my little touch. ”

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