[Vidéo] Angoulême: the sign of the Black Cat on fire

IHe was drinking his beer quietly on the terrace of the Souris Verte, Place des Halles in Angoulême, this Saturday night. At about 11:15 p.m., he first saw sparks in the Black Cat sign, just across the street. Then Mickaël Berton saw flames. He rushed to the front terrace to warn staff that the newly renovated bar sign was on fire.

In a few moments, the flames reached the roof of the establishment, at the same time emptying the tables of the square. While waiting for firefighters to arrive, a staff member took a ladder to cut off the power of this bright black cat that has adorned the façade for more than 40 years.

Eighteen firefighters from La Couronne and Angoulême intervened. The fire started not spreading and no one was injured. On the other hand, he created the attraction on the square in the middle of a summer evening. “It’s a bit like the Notre Dame fire in Angoulême”commented an old Angoumoisin to say how much this gigantic cat is part of the visual heritage of the city.

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