VIDEO. Julien Doré gives a big slap in the face after the theft of a puppy in Brittany

Julien Doré has never hidden his commitments to the animal cause. Also, when he discovered this story of a dog stolen in the middle of the street, he immediately put a big slap in the face on his social media. The goal is to denounce this unspeakable act and give it a boost. Explanations.

It happened on the Plouarzel side last April 29th. That day, a woman was robbed by Sunny, her young American shepherd, by a cunning and unscrupulous couple. On Instagram, he tells the victims:

“While I was just dropping off Sunny in the car, a passenger seat was arrived, a couple arrived to ask for information when they were in the vehicle file, which was ready to load another dog into the transport box. L’homme s’eloigné for the phone and the woman asks me questions about the pet-sitter tables and shows the dog son’s photos on the phone. They left in a white van, and when I got back to my car, Sunny was gone, her seat belt severed. ”

Why the message, the messages of indignation and support are multiplying. Among them, we note in particular that of Julien Doré who, in front of the camera, said all the bad things he thinks about the authors of this dognapping. Look:

A complaint was filed with the Saint-Renan gendarmerie. Sunny’s owner states:

„If you have seen something, do not hesitate to contact them or me at 07 67 57 14 18 (…) Thank you for your kindness to share as much as possible. I just want to find my Sunny that I miss horribly. ”

Making a pass…

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