VIDEO. Sixteen Ukrainian cats sheltered in Corsica

Sixteen cats landed in the port of Ajaccio on Wednesday morning. They traveled thousands of miles from Ukraine to be rescued by the Animal Welfare Foundation. At the Corsican dispensary, they will be monitored, treated and then proposals for adoption

It was about 6:30 this Wednesday morning when the convoy of the Animal Welfare Foundation (FAA) landed on the port of Ajaccio. At his edge, sixteen chats coming from Ukraine. Arrive Saturday at Parisafter 1,560 kilometers and 15 h 30 road between Krakowen Polandand at Francethe cats had a few days off before leaving, still by car, for their final journey between Paris and Corsica.

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What was the life of these animals before February 24 and the beginning of the war in Ukraine? Naked foundation members don’t know. Did they have a family? Probability, for some of them, in view of their sociability. While some people were able to leave the country with their four-legged friends, others had to resign themselves to leaving them there. Les chats ne sont pas pucés mais nous allons try, for each one, to share a photo to leave a chance in the initial family to recognize and recover., explains Brigitte Chirigoni, head of the FAA in Corsica and head of national institutions. If this is not the case, they will be placed for adoption on the island. They will be able to be sponsored and booked in the coming days, even if the final adoption will take place in severals. “

In quarantine

While these cats are the first to arrive on the island from Ukraine, others have already joined France at the initiative of the organization. There are a total of 60 dogs and 60 talks that are now spread across the Hexagon in the various partner shelters.

These animals, now sheltered from the war and taken out of the street, will be cared for and then placed in solitary confinement for six months before they can be adopted. Not the necessary prerequisites to be imported into France, it is for this reason that they are quarantined. They will be closely monitored, with visits scheduled one month, three months, and six months after their arrival. They will then be vaccinated against rabies and this is when they will be able to join their adopters, explains Jacinta Savidan, a veterinarian at the Corsican dispensary, wearing overcoats and wearing an overcoat so as not to take any risk of contaminating the rest of the residents. After the first check-up, the vet is content to see animals “in pretty good condition”, with “A few small health concerns, but no different from stray cats here”. Coryza, gingivitis, a damaged ear, runny eyes and a nose or a dirty coat are the first small concerns listed.

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Other animals are not so lucky: The Foundation, at the national level, has collected dogs and cats that have been injured, amputated or even enucleated due to the war.supports Brigitte Chirigoni.

The two veterinary assistants, Anthony and Choukri, traveled across France to catch up.  - Doc CM

Rescues and donations

To carry out this rescue, the Foundation came into contact with a Polish refuge, which is linked to a refuge d’Ukraine. The latter carries the stray animals to a place of transit in Poland to keep them safe. A convoy later left Paris for Krakow to retrieve the new little protégés from the animal protection foundation.

For their part, Anthony and Choukri, veterinary assistants at the Baleone dispensary, crossed France to retrieve the sixteen cats destined for Corsica. In their vans, departing from Ajaccio, a cargo of various donations in the form of supplies and food to come to the aid of the Ukrainian border shelters.

Sixteen cats arrived in Corsica this Wednesday from Ukraine.  - Angelina Rosano

The cats will stay in the glass cages of the dispensary for about ten days before reaching a shelter near Ajaccio for the next six months. Peace and quiet at last for these little war refugees. “It was important to help them. If necessary, we will return to Poland.”, is projected Brigitte Chirigoni. Other requirements could possibly join the first lucky ones.

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