Villemur-sur-Tarn. Skateboarding and large kitchen: a party upside down

the main thing
A mix of the skateboarding universe, the music and the cuisine of great chefs. On the eve of this weekend’s booking of surprises …

This is a “crazy” weekend that awaits the people of Villemur!

The festivities will begin tomorrow with “Brusson a la slab”, from 11 a.m. to midnight in the so-called Eiffel Hall, and the old printing house will face it.

What is it and especially what to expect? This project is born in the head of the organizers of a profound learning of threat in a real fun kitchen in the world of skateboarding. The “a la slate” project began last year with a first jet on a legendary skateboard spot in La Digue, Toulouse. With this first conclusive experience, they are putting the finishing touches on this year. The concept has been redefined and is now being exported to other spots in the desire to see new releases to other horizons.

15 chefs and 20 artists

This second edition, at the young Brusson wasteland, will host 15 chefs, including Vivien Durand, Florian Cordeil, Floriant Remont, Hubert Vergoin, Simon Carlier, Mika Lecumbery, Bastien Rabois and Gautier Alvarez.

In addition, 20 artists not Fred Mortagne, Richard Bellia, Lucas Beaufort, Tilt, Geb le Maudit, Polo Garat, Charles Collet and Nicolas Malinowsky. There is also the aura of a DIY skate park, a Zooz Bikes course, concerts, DJ sets and performances.

The youth corner

Samed will also be dedicated to the “Inflatable Olympics” organized by the Youth Space for all ages, with 9 delirious events from 9 am. This day will end around a concert meal.

Painting enthusiasts will be able to visit the artists of the post office for the last time at the Tower of Defense and the King’s Attics.

The free cinema this Saturday, June 4, at 9 pm, still at the Greniers du Roy, proposes “What have we all done to the good God”, the sequel to the first that is no longer to be presented.

On Sundaysà 15 ore, pour les petits, an animated film “The bad guys” will be screened and to end this day, at 18 hours, the film retracing the human adventure of the Toulouse stadium “Le stade”.

Les billets are available on the following website: https // And also on the town directly going to the town hall.

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